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    J.M. Anzer Raja


J.M. Anzer Raja step foot into the world of computers during his graduation in  the  Computer  Science  major  during    1992-95  in   New College,  Chennai  under  University of  Madras. With a growing  interest  towards the field of computers he completed his Masters  in Computer Applications (MCA) during 1995-98 in Presidency College , Chennai under the University of Madras. 

 He is currently involved in  Internet Programming, specialising primarily in cgi scripting   that   involves  Database interaction using PERL as the tool.  This    tutorial   is    contributed  in a   motive to help the  Internet community, that has helped him a  lot in learning the various   essentials  of  the web. This is his very first   trial  and  is   definitely interested to   have   your feedback .   And  finally don't forget to see what others have said  about  this  site  and  pass your comments too.

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